blond hair, don’t care

True story: While strolling through the departments at work, I was approached by a woman who seemed to be in a joyous mood. “I love your hair, the colour is amazing!” she exclaimed. Taken aback, I replied with a playful, “thank you, everyone hates this current colour”. That’s when shit got real. Her pupils became dilated, her posture slouched and her voice deep, “I was lying, I actually don’t like it, it looks horrible.” And with that, she turned around and sauntered off. Slight exaggeration on her — but I did not misconstrue her words.

My hair has aways been something that most people have a problem with. I can’t even count how many times i’ve been told that it looks like a wig or people actually asking me if it is in fact a wig. Nothing too major as the worst I received was that my hair looked like a bird’s nest; thanks mom. But I could have never really predicted the backlash I would receive once I went blond. That’s a lie, I knew that the majority of opinions would be negative BuT YoLo~.

Initially, I was actually only supposed to be blond for one day and then a blue-black. Post bleach-kit, it grew on me, despite my hair’s texture becoming what can only be comparable to a felt hat. Clumping and brittleness aside, the colour was something new! it was something different for me! it got me one step closer to resembling an asian popstar! “It’s here to stay”, I muttered to myself as I stood in front of a mirror for the first time and examined my work.

It is about having more fun? At first, sure. Now, it’s more because everyone hates it and I like to annoy people. Quick quips from the majority of my colleagues has only caused me to go a shades lighter. It’s only in my nature; the more it was hated, the lighter I went.  For the time being, I assume that everyone is used to it. Initially, I’m sure most thought it was a horrible idea but I feel as though everyone has come around to it. Perhaps the remnants of distaste that still linger stem from my intentional defiance against those who tell me I should lighten my eyebrows as well. The dark brows against the light hair makes me unapproachable or ‘doesn’t make sense’ *try telling that to Agyness Deyn.

But hey! I’m not the only one to experience some attention from the haters as it seems that at one point in their careers, the majority of my favourite models went/are currently blond/blonde. My favourite blond/blonde transformations:

Natasha Poly

Kasia Struss

Cole Mohr

Daul Kim

AJ Abualrub

Sadly, I know it’s probably time that I retreat back to a darker mane as the autumn/winter season approaches. As hard as it will be for me to part with lighter locks, I’ve had my fun. How far into the near future? I can’t give a definite answer. Believe me though, there’s only so many times that you can be called Goku before a change is needed. Until then, the flame that is my hair shall continue to burn brightly.