kris van assche x eastpak fall 2012

Not too long ago I started to have discomfort in my shoulders and mid back. I tried everything: sleeping flat on my back, tying blankets around my mid section to avoid a slouched posture (really), even asking numerous people to punch me their hardest in my areas of discomfort. Looking at the methods that came out of my desperation, it’s no surprise that none of these things worked. Then it hit me: my bag. The bag that I’ve been carrying for a better part of 2 years. The bag that went everywhere with me. The bag that I carried my whole life in. Sigh, the bag was my problem. You never really think but at any given time, you could be lugging around 15-20 extra pounds with you.

To remedy my situation and relieve my poor back, I decided that I would embark on finding myself a suitable backpack. I know, a backpack? I haven’t had one since purchasing my first man bag at the tender age of 15. It’s not that backpacks aren’t fashionable per se… they’re just synonymous with things such as school, homework, paper bag lunches; general academia. Boring, boring, boring. No thanks to looking like an Asian schoolboy sans uniform. So how would it be possible to use a backpack without looking like I’m under legal drinking age?

Numerous designers and design houses have embraced the backpack and see it comparable to a well made handbag in both functionality and style. For instance, Prada moved on from dowdy librarian to student chic for her spring/summer 2007 collection outfitting models on the runway with turbans, butt cheeks and backpacks. Sasha even sports them in the ad campaign in not one, but two shots. Raf Simons and Kris Van Assche have each collaborated with Eastpak on a line of bags, both featuring an array backpacks. And of course, who can forget Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s $34,000 alligator backpack for their label The Row (or the newly unveiled $16,000 patchwork fur backpack!)

sasha pivovarova, prada spring/summer 2007

After searching high and low and what seemed like hundreds of bag stores, I found the perfect one! While it would have been fun to find something decked out in fur or settle for one of the many Hello Kitty styles offered at what seemed like every store, I did end up going for something a little more classic(?).

It’s a backpack but not a backpack, get what I’m saying’? I’ve had it for about a week now and my hairspray and cans of tuna fit perfectly in it in addition to the multitude of other things. Long story short, a backpack is the way to go.

At this rate, will I be sporting a fanny pack in the near future? We’ll have to wait and see. (Most likely)