photoshop stylist

Much like any other fashion follower, I would love to be able to afford designer pieces and photograph them for the world to see. If I were able to purchase a brand new pair of Prada or Rad Hourani shoes every week on a whim, you best believe your dashboards would be flooded with images. My materialistic side sometimes takes over and I always toy with the idea of living by the motto FASHION BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE. Before I can actually come up with a financial plan to accomodate for my wishlists, logic seems to always bring out my inner Andrea “Andy” Sachs.  The conclusion: Fashion is an expensive sport.

But there are ways around an empty wallet if you have Photoshop! If I can’t physically afford to go into my favourite designer stores and put together outfits worth thousands of dollars, I can just easily photoshop together pieces I want. Sure, it’s not the same as actually owning the pieces but can’t a guy have a little fun? Below are two outfits I’ve pieced together from the S/S 12 menswear runways:

A mixture of Burberry, Raf Simons, Acne and Neil Barrett modelled by Keroppi! Where would I wear this you ask? To the grocery store, to the movies or maybe on one of my daily ventures out to get bubble tea. You can probably see that I’m not one to embrace the Summer season. I just can’t stand summer dressing or the heat!

As impractical as it is, I’m obsessed with leather t-shirts for summer as well as parkas. Black is always a go-to colour that you can never go wrong with and a lightweight blazer is actually practical when trying to look sharp in the Summer. Layering becomes uncomfortable and even unbearable when the summer heat is on you but with all the “cool” you’d be exuding from this outfit, you probably wouldn’t mind. <– Lame.

Landry is decked out in Missoni, Siki Im, Patrick Ervell and Marc Jacobs! This was my attempt at a more summery outfit. I’m usually not one for colour but having a little bit under a neutral blazer, I wouldn’t mind. The length of the weightless shorts would also allow me to channel Tina Turner. If you got it, flaunt it (It – being chicken legs in my case). And to top it off, a Marc Jacobs backpack in orange!

More outfits to come in the near future!