hedi slimane

Back when the skinnier version of myself was getting into fashion, I worshipped Hedi Slimane. I would spend countless hours everyday on his website going through his runway looks, photo diary archives and listening to all the music he posted. My nightly routine consisted of watching a Dior Homme show before bed. The period of time that he was the creative head at Dior Homme, I was obsessed. Oh the things I planned on doing to be able to afford and fit into one of his slim fit blazers. Even Karl lagerfeld slimmed down to fit into his clothing! Through his photographic work, he made innate objects and London club kids/models “cool”… way before Tumblr did. But inexplicably, I fell off; interest waned, I became bored (and I started eating again!). Throughout the show seasons, Hedi was putting more and more creative energy into other artistic endeavours and design became a lesser priority. While I loved his photography and videos, his design is what initially pulled me in. Once he departed from Dior Homme after the f/w 2007 show season, I stopped following altogether.


With February’s announcement of Hedi taking over the creative helm of Yves Saint Laurent, I’ve been getting into his works again. Perhaps news of his return to the design side of the fashion world resurrected my interest, although I’m sure Stefano doesn’t feel the same way. The man who made skinny boys everywhere rejoice is back! This news gets the mind racing with all sorts of thoughts: Can Hedi fuze his aesthetic into the brand seamlessly? Would Yves Saint Laurent himself approve of this? Will the YSL woman throw away her parachute trousers and strawberry print blouses? WHAT ABOUT STEFANO PILATI?!

Let’s hope it all works out in both the design and photography fronts. I don’t know if I could handle another falling out with him.

Abbey Lee Kershaw by Hedi Slimane; Vogue Russia April 2011