Mix Your Departments


women's blazer, men's shirt, kid's jeans

For the most part, I’m always decked out in kids and womenswear with my daily uniform consisting of a pair of kids jeans, oversized button front shirt or t-shirt and my favourite oversized women’s blazer (no darts with a drop shoulder, perfect!).

No I’m not trying to be androgynous or EdGy*~, I just legitimately cannot fit into most menswear offerings. I have the chest of a full grown male, torso and waist of a child and the legs of female. Not to mention I stand at a statuesque 5′ 5″. It’s as if a toybox full of Barbies, Kens and Skippers mutated together. Well… that may be an exaggerated description but shopping had become a bit trying. I’ve come to terms with the limitations and precautions that must be thought of when purchasing clothing. So what’s my solution now? From the picture above, you might have already guessed it: shop all three departments; menswear, womenswear and kidswear! Seriously.

Womenswear tends to offer the most in cuts, fabrications, fits and proportions while menswear offers sharp and classic cuts and is high in comfort and wearability, comparably. Kidswear is just all around fun. Of course you’ll have to tread carefully if mixing all three departments.


marc jacobs wearing comme des garçons s/s 2012

This is mainly for the guys who want to wear women’s items, as gals can easily transition into menswear pieces and not be deemed “weird”. Be sure to select items that do not have details that serve a purpose. This means if you’re eyeing a women’s blazer or jacket, make sure that it does not have darts and that the stance of the buttons and closure is not in an awkward position. These were made to lock and load the “goods” which most men don’t possess. As for tops, drapey t-shirts and looser button front shirts (again, with no purposeful detailing) are always a good choice. For bottoms, the majority of pants hanging on the racks in the men’s department aren’t cut very slim even if it’s labelled as slim leg, unless you’re shopping through the Dior Homme by Hedi Slimane archives. That may be fine for most guys but for others, such as myself who like a super slim fit, women’s bottoms are an excellent alternative. The only thing you’d really have to worry about is the crotch being low enough to accommodate your… you know. Maybe skip over the skirts and dresses but if that’s your thing a la Marc Jacobs x Comme Des Garçons, all the power to you.

As for kidswear, just make sure it fits and the pieces are not too juvenile. An added bonus if you can fit into kids, there’s less tax on the clothing!  Graphic t-shirts and jeans are what I usually scope out. Because it’s kidswear, a lot of the tees can get away with having things on them that you wouldn’t be able to find in the other departments and the jeans will obviously fit a tad tighter in the leg. Usually, stores will carry up to size 13yrs – 14yrs in their kid’s departments so shop away.

What it really comes down to is fit. Don’t limit yourself because of age or gender. If you have to go up a size in a sweater and go into the men’s department to find it, do it. If you find the perfect pair of jeans but they’re womens, rock em’. If you’re ever browsing through a store and something catches your eye, regardless of what department it’s in, try it on. I’m sure you’ll look super 可愛い!