“it’s t-shirt time!”


T by Alexander Wang

Have a look on every fashionistas/fashionistos list of investment pieces and you’ll most likely find things along the lines of a good pair of jeans, an LBD, a sharp pair of dress shoes, black pumps and a blazer. What you probably won’t find on most is a good quality t-shirt, and I’m not talking about those “Tapout” or “Love Pink” tees! I’m talking about a simple black, white or grey t-shirt, plain. Sure, t-shirts are essentially classified under basics but why do they have to be so “basic”? The poor t-shirt is always neglected and is for the most part an after-thought. Tim Gunn even neglects to mention them on his “10 things every woman should have”. I’m not saying that everyone should run to Barneys New York and purchase themselves a $500 t-shirt from The Row but for something that is essential to everyone’s wardrobe, shouldn’t a little bit of thought and money go into it? Invest in high quality t-shirts instead of amassing hundreds of poor quality t-shirts that you’ll probably just throw out after 2 wears.

Recently, with the launch of sites like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s StyleMint and the array of t-shirts available through many designer collaboration and diffusion lines, t-shirts are finally being given a bit of the spotlight. Quality over quantity I say.


Personally, I’m the pickiest when it comes to buying t-shirts. They have to drape a certain way which is hard to find in a mens t-shirt. I went t-shirt shopping (literally) recently and found two brands that fulfilled the my drape checklist at a lower price point. T by Alexander Wang and Rudsak ($62). The latter I own in all available colours. At the higher end, there’s Canadian label Complex Geometries and for the daring boys, there is the forever-cool shredded tees by Obesity and Speed.

For the ladies, there’s StyleMint ($29.99) and Zara ($19.90 – $45.90) has many options.

Think this over fashion lovers: fashion moves fast, we’re always 6 months ahead. Your peplum skirt, mint denim, techno jacket and neon suit might not be in next season but a t-shirt will never go out of style.